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Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine

At present, there are many manufacturers in the recommended Zircon Sand Making Machine selection to the owners, the cone crusher as second crushing and three sections of broken links. as a result of is mainly because these manufacturers do not have sand making machine equipment.

However, cone crusher is not the owners like in the ziron sand production line, most of is forced to, can be broken and broken hard materials equipment is too little, impact crusher broken wear parts wear serious, jaw crusher can only coarse broken, can not be broken and fine crushing , hammer crusher can't broken ziron such hard materials, without the proper equipment, can only use of cone crusher.

Moreover, cone crusher also has certain limitations, the crusher can only be used for middle crushing, if want to making sand , the front need to configure the coarse crushing equipment, behind the need to set sand processing equipment, so that the process of sand production line more complex, need three, or even four stage crushing to complete.

In order to change the cone crusher for multiple stage crushing process of host, this solution use single period jaw crusher and sand making machine for the main equipment, variable multi segment broken into two sections, which greatly simplifies the process flow, in order to reduce the cost of sand production line.

Compared with the cone crusher, sand making machine has six major advantages:

  • use patent rotor design
  • increase the production capacity of more than 1 times
  • feed size increased 1 times
  • the rotor wear decreased by more than 1 times
  • energy consumption reduced by 50% or more
  • no plug production.

Moreover, the rate of sand making machine at of 50% above, can replace the 2-4 impact crusher in the sand line, with the single period of crusher collocation, can completely replace the cone crusher, and in the ziron,granite stone, cobble, sand production capacity or whether it is high low production costs, or low wear loss is superior to "jaw crusher and cone crusher" selection scheme.