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Quartz sandstone ore beneficiation process

Quartz sandstone ore beneficiation process

At present, quartz sandstone ore beneficiation process mainly has the following :

hand selected crushing water roll iron removal,crushing grinding flotation except mica,rod mill sieve crushing screening grading mud off

quartz sandstone ore beneficiation process analysis

The first process using a water mill, the grinding efficiency and processing capacity is low.

Second kinds of process, which can meet the quality requirements, but because of the high cost of processing, and the pollution to the environment, but also should not use this technology.

Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, we proposed third kinds of process, to reach the quality requirement of fine quartz sand.

The broken segments using coarse jaw crusher and impact crusher, two open circuit crushing, and has the advantages of selective crushing, can effectively avoid excessive grinding, crushing product granularity uniformity.

using control, pre screening and rod mill to form a loop, pre screening using linear vibrating screen, can effectively remove the broken products qualified particle content of 15 - 30% of the qualified level, reduce the crushing phenomenon, and can improve the processing ability of the control rod mill, sieving using high-frequency fine screen classification using upper control limit, classifier using hydraulic classifier control lower limit .

The upper and lower limits of the parameters or different specifications and types of equipment replacement, also can produce according to the needs of different levels of market and production of each industry products.

Fine quartz sand grinding using high grinding efficiency of the wet rod mill, which can improve the grinding efficiency, but also to prevent excessive grinding, the benefit to the follow-up work, and the rod mill machinery iron mixing process after magnetic separation to remove.