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copper ore beneficiation process

copper ore beneficiation process

Copper ore is mined from copper, after beneficiation become high grade copper concentrate containing copper or a copper ore sand, copper concentrate commission by smelting, to be refined copper and copper products.copper ore has a widely application in the metallurgical industry .

The beneficiation process for copper ore

there are three parts for ore dressing process

Crushing: the basic process of ore crushing process. Its purpose is to ore crushing to the appropriate size, suitable for a portion of the the process ,we usually use jaw crusher as primary crushing.

Grinding: after crushing,we can use lm vertical roller mill grinding the material we obtained.grinding part is make copper ore for further processing into smaller size is in line with the flotation separation material.

Floation: flotation process is an important process for copper upgrade. Chemical reagent is added to the mixer, make the chemical reaction.

copper ore by jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing in a reasonable size then to the lifting machine, feeder evenly into the ball mill, the ore crushing, grinding by ball mill.

the ore after grinding mill is expected to enter the next process: classification. Spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles in the liquid precipitation principle of different speeds, to wash the mixture of ore, grading.

Due to a variety of minerals susceptibility is different, through magnetic force and mechanical force to the magnetic material mixture.the mineral particle separator after initial separation in the magnetic seperator was sent to flotation machine, depending on the mineral characteristics of different drugs, making the minerals to be separated with other substances.

Isolated in the minerals, because it contains a lot of water, subject should to thickener forinitial concentration, then to drying machine drying, drying of minerals can be obtained. Copper concentrate grade reaches 45%.