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common sense operation of limestone crusher

limestone crusher

Limestone crusher, jaw crusher is the common crusher in rock crushing field , high crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc.. Jaw crusher is divided into coarse and fine broken , can realize the different fineness material processing, the highest compressive strength of materials up to 320MPa.

Operation of common sense

Jaw crusher due to improper use can often cause the phenomenon of death, therefore, the broken time of materials,must be paid to the attention to the degree of uniform feeding, and the hardness of a material is appropriate, if the perfect words, can be coupled with a process.

In general the main factors influencing the jaw crusher work is Nie angle and rotation. The nip angle is the angle between the moving jaw and fixed jaw. According to the calculation of the maximum angle of up to 32 degrees. The actual use are less than 25 degrees, generally 18-20 degrees. Nie angle too big, would break up the ore out of the cavity, resulting in injury or damage to other equipment.

at the same time as the meshing increased broken productivity. The regulation of discharge mouth size, also change the meshing angle. In real life, to regulate the discharge mouth size according to the size of ore requirements. Therefore, to ensure the request product size, as far as possible amplification of discharge mouth is reasonable. Row ore mouth size can be adjusted by adjusting the block, in the relationship between the regulation of discharge should pay attention to broken mouth size between the ratio and productivity.

In a certain range, increase the eccentric shaft rotation, can improve the production capacity of crusher, but will also increase the crushing ore of power consumption per unit weight. Speed is too high, will have been broken in the crushing chamber of ore to discharge, and the clogging phenomenon, but to reduce production capacity, increase in power consumption, therefore, jaw crusher has a optimum rpm.

Gentle remainder

Jaw crusher eccentric shaft, connecting rod, the movable jaw plate, shaft and lining is the main wear parts, requiring constant attention to lubrication and replacement.