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Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant

Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant

Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment, driven by their own way, the technology is advanced, the function is all ready and small size, especially suitable for narrow site work, caterpillar crawler walking, do not damage the road surface, equipped with multi-function apparels, adaptation range is extensive; Can through the wireless remote control, can easily put mobile crushing station to the trailer, producer and shipped to homework, can work immediately.

The Characteristic of of Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant

  • It features good performance, which has the best maneuverability and flexibility.
  • provides the fine screening mode of low cost.
  • stable reliable and work quality is light, easy to transport.
  • feeding height is low, the time is short, the whole machine with high reliability, has perfect safety protection function.

Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant improve aggregate production efficiency

Sand and gravel aggregate is a key factor affecting the quality of concrete construction. At the beginning of the project construction, permanent ballast system has not yet formed, often using small crusher equipment production of sand and gravel aggregate, hard to ensure the concrete construction quality. For some longer engineering concrete construction front, permanent ballast system formed due to the position has been fixed, in the remote area construction, the raw material must be made to the construction site of origin, and sometimes also must add to intermediate storage yard, this increased the transportation cost,

the birth of the Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant is a professional crusher equipment to solve these problems, it will bin crushing, screening, adhesive tape transportation device such as tape transport device and other auxiliary device is placed on a scooter, mobile convenience, ballast system layout, equipment characteristics such as small volume, especially suitable for small hydropower station, construction starts early and need of highway construction, such as sand and gravel aggregate on site.


Hydraulic Driven Track Mobile Plant Technical Data

Model Parameter YG935E69 YG1138E71L YG1138EW86L YG1138FW1315ⅡL
Feeder Model GZD960×3500 GZD1100×3800 GZD1100×3800 GZD1100×3800
crusher Model PE600X900 PE750X1060 PEW860 PFW-1315II
B800X8.5M B1000X9M B1000X9M B1000X9M
Side of the belt conveyor Model B450X3M B500X3.5M B500X3.5M B500X3.5M
Power(kw) 180 250 200 300
TransportationDimension(mm) (L×W×H) 11900×3100×3650 11900×3100×3650 13300×3100×4500 13300×3100×4500
Jobs Dimension(mm) (L×W×H) 12100×3100×4100 12100×3100×4100 13500×3100×5100 13500×3100×4800