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High-frequency Screen

High-frequency Screen

The high frequency screen has high efficiency, small amplitude, high frequency of screening. it's working principle is different with the general screening equipment , because the high-frequency sieve (high quality screen) with high frequency, a failure of the pulp surface tension and fine material in the sieve surface speed oscillation, accelerate the high density (specific gravity) of useful minerals and separation effect, increasing the probability is less than the separation size materials and mesh contact. Resulting in better separation conditions, make less than the separation granularity material, especially the ratio of particle and pulp major get through the sieve pore together.

High-frequency Screen features

  • have self-cleaning function do not mesh plug.
  • suitable for sieving particles especially less than 100 meshes.
  • ultrasonic power and intermittent or continuous work, using integrated circuit board, all closed, digital CPU control.
  • screen size can improve the yield of 1-70% increased 10 times.
  • add bounce anti clogging device for prolonging the service life of the screen.

Technical data

High Frequency Screen Introduction

The high frequency screen is developed by MCC experts. It is the efficient classification equipment and widely applied in construction, mining, industrial mineral processing, cement production and chemical industries. It can process and classify material such as asphalt sand, concrete sand, mineral filler, silicates, graphite, glass, ceramics, salts, feldspar, talc, diatomaceous earth, gypsum, bentonite etc.

High Frequency Screen Features

  • High-frequency screen adopts the most advanced theory and new structure.
  • High vibrating frequency leads to high screen efficiency and big capacity.
  • Controlled by computer, every exciter specification is adjustable. Also it sets up a transient extremely vibrating force, which is quite useful in clean the screen surface.
  • Low powder consumption: High-frequency screen adopt super Elastic material, which ensure the steadiness and help to save the power.

High Frequency Screen Technical Data

Model Screen Surface Area (m2) Screening Concentration (%) Capacity (t/h) Power(kw)
ZGPS-4 4.5 30%-40% 15-25 0.72
ZGPS-5 5.2 30%-40% 20-30 1.1
ZGPS-6 6 30%-40% 24-36 1.5
ZGPS-8 8.1 30%-40% 32-48 2.2